About Us

Finelink is committed to the supply of the highest quality of the touch screen components, controllers and drives. As a supplier of the field, the Finelink has been to provide customers with the highest quality of the touch screen and sales service as our goal. We believe that the Finelink is always your best choice, because we have:

1 perfect projection type capacitive touch screen, the visual program of the sun, the customization and design;

2 our touch screen with high quality and high reliability, and has a long-term supply guarantee;

3 we have a variety of different design of the touch screen, according to different applications for customers to choose;

4 touch screen with advanced features;

5 very long service life, more than 50000000 times;

6 There are  inventory standard can provide, without opening the requirements;

7 in the touch screen program has the highest cost;

8 production quantity flexible and controllable;

9 welcome to the use of customer customization;

10 close to 10 years of industry experience, we understand the needs of customers;

11 short delivery time;

12 to provide the best quality and after sales service in the world.