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Common problems and solutions of capacitive multi touch type

Question: what is the difference between the projected capacitive and the surface?

Projected capacitive support for multi touch, while the surface of the capacitor only supports single point of touch; projection type capacitor allows to wear gloves input, can be separated by a layer of glass to achieve operation, these two points surface type capacitor can not do。

Question: how much is the maximum size?


Question: what is the gap between the touch screen and the LCD?

More than1mm。

Keep touch screen with the minimum LCD distance between 0.5mm. Please refer to the recommended structure on the touch screen on the LCD.

Question: which operating system can support?

XP Vista, Win, 7, CE*, Linux*, please contact us for details.。

Question: can I buy a touch screen without the cost of development?

Can, our standards do not need to pay the development costs can also be purchased.

Question: what is the size of the standard?

Our standard product is from 10.1 to 55 inches.

Question: how long is the service life?

Our touch screen uses a lifetime of more than fifty million touch.

Question: wearing gloves can be normal use of the touch screen it?

Can be, the most thick can support 5MM gloves, but this depends on the screen thickness and glove material. Please tell us your detailed requirements. Can contact our sales!

Question: is there a limit to the thickness of the cover glass?

Yes, according to the size of the touch screen, we have the most thick support for 6MM, please contact us for details.

Question: how many touch points can be detected simultaneously in the touch screen?

Ten (depending on the size of the touch screen and the thickness of the cover glass).

Question: touch screen can be used for 3.3V power?

Touch screen for 1.8V~5V power supply.

Question: touch screen to achieve the RoHs standard?

Accord with standard.

Question: touch screen is installed on the LCD recommended structure.