Equipment introduction


This equipment is SCA hot melt adhesive hard to hard laminating machine, artificial to take cover, functional film and OPEN CELL. Through the positioning fixture TP or open cell, when positioning adjustment, hands press the start button platform under the driving cylinder will seal the stage. When the pressure reaches the set value of pressure. Suitable for 3.5 "~ 42" (16:9&4:3) of the cover, functional film and OPEN CELL hard to hard vacuum laminating process. The size of the product is different for reasonable layout. Work under high vacuum or low vacuum condition.


Equipment type and specification

Device type:

Size: 400*600mm, 1.FLK4060, 23.6 inches

Size: 600*900mm, 2.FLK6090, 42 inches

Size: 900*1300mm, 3.FLK90130, 55 inches


Equipment technical specification (FLK6090)

1, the binding product size: 42 inch

Appearance size, length 2100* width 1350* high 1500mm

Fit panel size: 600*900mm

2, a time number, depending on the size of the product to make reasonable layout

3, capacity: 20 times/ hour

4, the flat level error: 0.1mm

5, fitting accuracy: ±0.2 mm

6, operation mode: PLC touch screen control

7, the lifting accuracy control: ±0.2 mm

8, pressure fitting: 0--3KG/cm2

9, compressed air: 4-6kgf/cm2

10, fit the machine in front of mobile travel: 1200mm

Equipment characteristics:

1, no air bubble

2, no overflow adhesive

3, pre curing rework convenient, easy to operate

4, the use of large version of the layout, production efficiency

5, the same size, the same production conditions, reduce manual input

6, suitable for product type: G+G and TP +OPEN CELL