Display principle of common screen in sunlight

Ordinary users directly to the touch screen in the LCD screen, touch screen and LCD screen between the air gap, so that from the outside to the formation of 3 reflective surfaces: the touch screen, touch screen and air, air and touch screen. If you don't have to make any special treatment, each reflection in the face of external light reflectance are roughly 4.2%, 3 reflector reflection of external light is 12.6%, 1260 lumens.

If the apparent brightness of a screen for 1000 lumens, from inside to outside is two reflecting surfaces, respectively, in the LCD screen to air, air to the touch screen on the back of the, after the two reflection of the reflecting surface through to the touch screen surface brightness of 916 lumens.

This allows us to see the brightness of the light reflected from the display screen is lower than that of the reflected light. The reflected light makes the white brighter, and the black and other colors are covered. The LCD screen is very poor in the light.

The display principle of the screen in the sun after the binding

In order to increase the readability of the LCD screen in bright light, we must increase the external contrast of the LCD screen. Increase the brightness of the display backlight and reduce the intensity of the reflected light can increase the external contrast value.

Increasing the brightness of the backlight will increase the power consumption of the LCD screen, and the heat will decrease the reliability of the display. Therefore, the fundamental method is to reduce the brightness of the reflected light.

Optical binding screen will touch screen or protect the glass with a transparent optical adhesive bonded on the front surface of the LCD screen. Since the refractive index of the optical plastic is almost the same, it is 1.49, thus eliminating the two reflective surfaces. At the same time, the surface of the touch screen or protect the surface of the glass coated with a AR minus, so that the entire external light reflectivity is only 0.4%. Lower reflection loss means higher contrast. The backlight 500 lumens, sunlight readable; 800 lumens of light, readable;

Optical binding has not only greatly improved the readability of the display, but also increased the reliability of the display in the harsh environment.

Its advantages are as follows:

More sunlight can read up to 400%

Improve the impact resistance as high as 300%

There is no moisture into the formation of water mist, to prevent condensation and atomization

an be used more light and thinner display design

With the increase of the anti seismic performance of the screen, the strengthening of the protection of the glass is reduced, and the probability of damage is reduced. Even if the rupture, as a result of optical adhesive tape will not fall down to scratch people;

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